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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 27, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> that's all for today. we're back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." it's monday, june 27th. right now on "first look" over 240 people evacuated while an airliner is engulfed in flames after landing with an engine warning. the brexit vote, wipes out $2 trillion in stocks, as the presidential candidates jockey for the upper hand with u.s. voters. protesters and white supremacists in a violent clash leaving ten injured. multiple stabbings, and a handful in critical condition in california. plus dozens killed in west virginia, flooding, with more rain on the way today. propose francis says gay people deserve an apology. but that's not all. and much more as we kick off a busy week. "first look" starts right now. good monday morning to you i'm betty nguyen. thanks for watching. frightening moments for
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passengers on board a singapore airlines flight this morning. this was the scene. check it out. just moments after the boeing 777 made an emergency landing in singapore. flames engulfed the aircraft's right wing after one of the engines caught fire. the airline says the plane carrying 222 passengers and 19 crew to milan turned back about two hours into the flight due to an engine oil warning message. passengers were kept on that plane while emergency crews doused it with water and foam. fortunately there were no injuries. the cause is still being investigated. ten people were injured, at least six of them stabbed in clashes with a white nationalist group. the traditionalist workers party scheduled a protest outside the california state capitol. that led to clashes with a larger group of counterprotesters. reporter mike lowry from our nbc affiliate in california has the details. >> reporter: a raucous rally at the state capitol. turned bloody as more than 100 protesters here started throwing
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projectiles at the building. the protesters smashed the glass and shouted vulgarities at a group that had a permit to be here. two men were attacked by the protesters, throwing pieces of concrete, and several people were hospitalized with stab wounds. we found this knife left behind on the south steps of the capitol. the injured are believed to be members of the traditionalist workers party, a group that describes itself as committed to finding discrimination against whites. police call it a white supremacist group, also injured today, this protester who came here from the bay area. >> we shut down the nazis and in the process of that, you know, they attacked us, but they were not successful doing that on balance overall. >> reporter: the protesters are part of an anti-fascist group many of them wearing bandannas to cover their faces became even more agitated. assaulting this reporter and his photographer on the capitol grounds. making it clear they wanted no cameras to document their strukz at the capitol. officials say a gun was
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found at the scene and turned in to police but no gunshots were reportedly fired and there is no word if any arrests were made. donald trump is dropping his hillary clinton rises. a new "washington post"/abc news survey now has clinton with a double digit lead over trump 51% to 39%. and our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows trump faring just a bit better. 46% of registered voters backing clinton versus 41% supporting trump. now clinton will spend the day in ohio, campaigning alongside rumors vp candidate massachusetts senator elizabeth warren for the first time. they're expected to go after trump on everything from his business record to his temperament. this weekend saw a dramatic shift in tone from trump. while talking to reporters on tour of his scotland golf resort, trump told bloomberg news he wouldn't characterize his immigration policies as including mass deportation, saying, quote, president obama has mass deported vast numbers of people. the most ever, and it's never
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reported. i think people are going to find that i have not only the best policies, but i will have the biggest heart of anybody. when pressed on whether he would issue mass deportations trump answered no, i would not call it mass deportations. and on his proposed muslim ban trump said it would not be a blanket one saying, quote, i want terrorists out. i want people that had bad thoughts out. i would limit specific terrorist countries and we know who those terrorist countries are. also new longtime conservative voice george will announced that he has dropped the gop. speaking at a federalist society event he said trump pushed him over the edge leading him to change his party registration to unaffiliated. he told the crowd this is not my party. that came as hank paulson, treasury secretary under george w. bush and a former goldman sachs ceo endorsed hillary clinton on friday. pending an op-ed in "the washington post," paulson said republicans should put the country before the party. and even senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell isn't fully on trump's side. he declined to say whether trump is even qualified to be president. meanwhile hillary clinton took issue with trump for hailing the unprecedented brexit vote. >> good afternoon, everyone. bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence. and who put the interests of the american people ahead of their personal business interests. no one should be confused about america's commitment to europe. not an autocrat in the kremlin, not a presidential candidate on a scottish golf course. >> clinton also released new ads slamming trump for his brexit response after he suggested friday that the market volatility caused by the brexit vote would make his business thrive. here's what trump told reporters friday. >> what i like is that i love to see people take their country back. so when the pound goes down,
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more people are coming to turnbury, frankly. and the pound has gone down, and let's see what the impact of that has. >> and last night john oliver had his chance to sink in to that historic vote. >> at least one person who voted to leave seems to have buyer's remorse. >> i was -- about the results even though i voted to leave, this morning i woke up and the reality did actually hit me. but i had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay. >> well, well, you're actually in luck, because it turns out incredibly, there is going to be another vote coming up. and it's happening one week -- of course there isn't. that was the [ bleep ] vote. it wasn't a practice vote! that was it! >> well, today, secretary of state john kerry will become the first senior u.s. official to visit london and brussels since the referendum. at least 25 people have died
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and more reportedly missing following massive flooding in west virginia. 17 people were killed in green brier county alone. this as a break in the rain finally allowed the cleanup to begin. about 500 homes were damaged just in the county and more than 9,000 homes and businesses are still without power across the state. many roads have been damaged or destroyed, like this one. the guard rails, still mark the area where the roadway once stood. the governor says the flooding is the worst in a century. a state of emergency has been declared in over 40 counties. president obama has signed a federal disaster declaration for the state and more rain unfortunately is in the forecast. we have those details with our bill karins straight ahead. meanwhile, central california is dealing with the massive wildfire. two people are dead. authorities say that number could rise as firefighters are just starting to gain the upper hand. the fire currently spans more than 43,000 acres. more than 2,000 fire personnel are battling that blaze.
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at tlooes 250 homes and businesses have been destroyed. officials say the least is now 40% contained. that's a little bit of good news. they hope to have it completely contained by thursday. for the millions who gathered for gay pride parades across the weekend, this year's celebrations meant something more. memory of the orlando massacre loomed large over events across the nation. in new york, victims of the pulse nightclub shooting were remembered with a moment of silence and 49 flags. while marchers in san francisco honored them with signs. but amidst the somber tone, pride prevailed with a number of marriage proposals, notably officers from new york to london proudly popping the question while flanked by their fellow officers. pope francis is making waves with another unscripted response. speaking with reporters, while flying home from armenia, the pontiff said that christians and the roman catholic church should apologize to gay people for the way they have treated them. he also said the church should
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ask for forgiveness for the way it has treated women, and for turning a blind eye to child labor. let's get down to business on this monday with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> good monday morning. there could be more pain today for the financial markets as investors are still trying to figure out the impact of the uk's vote to leave the european union. it's a mixed picture today for global markets. japan rebounding partially from friday's 8% loss. >> that's good news. >> it is. europe is right across the board down about 1% with bank and financial stocks leading the decline. wall street, it is poised to open lower tacking on to friday's sharp losses. the dow had the 8th biggest point drop in its history. all told, s&p global says that global markets lost nearly 2.1 trillion dollars in value friday -- >> that's incredible. >> -- just one day the largest drop on record. stocks may be falling but many so-called safe haven investments could benefit in the short-term. investors are seeking safety in
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low risk government bonds like u.s. treasuries, and gold, which saw its biggest one-day rise on friday in seven years betty. >> okay, landon thank you so much for that. coming up on ten minutes past the hour. a second shark attack at the very same summer hot spot we will show you where. and is this a tryout of sorts? senator elizabeth warren hits the campaign trail with hillary clinton today. and the rivers are still running high. the ground is saturated. new showers and thunderstorms are heading for west virginia. i'll tell you what it means for them coming up here on "first look" on msnbc.
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check this out. this is a microburst near can on, texas. this is when the thunderstorm would just collapse, the top of it, and all of the winds would hit the ground, then it spreads out rapidly, and i mean it created 60 to 70-mile-per-hour winds here. in canyon, texas. and how about this? how picturesque does this look? time lapse video obviously the lightning is gorgeous but that's a supercell thunderstorm. almost looks like you know some
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people call them like the mother ship kind of like the alien invasion very impressive stuff. well let's talk more about what happened in west virginia because it's real little off the charts. you almost think how could something like this still happen in this country? this goes up there now ranked as the 12th deadliest flash flood in our country's recorded history. the biggest being the huge one in johnstown in the late 1800s. this was the deadliest one since 2010. really hit nashville area hard. besides that the deadliest one we've had in about 26 years. still have the chance of additional rains in west virginia. doesn't look like it's the scenario where we're going to get training of thunderstorms. the river levels are still high. that's why we have a flash flood watch issued for much of central west virginia where the worst of the flooding was. again it's not going to cause a lot, additional flooding. rainfall predictions are for about half inch to inch of rain, locally possible maybe three inches of rain. most of the heavy rain should be in the mountains of virginia besides west virginia. still a slight chance but nothing too bad. otherwise just scattered storms. very summerlike map out there,
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betty. look at boise today, salt lake city. salt lake city, 102. you don't think of salt lake city as being -- it's very hot in the west. and the fire's still burning out there, too. >> we've got a lot to deal with on that map. thank you, bill. a trip to the beach turned into a nightmare for a young surfer off the north carolina coast. atlantic beach emergency crews responded to a shark bite saturday afternoon. an 11-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital with severe lacerations to his foot. now the area is no stranger to attacks. just two weeks earlier an 18-year-old needed stitches for a bite on his hand. the size and type of the shark in this latest attack is still unknown. later today, the supreme court is expected to announce a decision on a texas abortion law. with a potential nationwide impact the justices will address whether women seeking abortions face undue burden. under the law, clinics must meet surgical center requirements and hold hospital admitting privileges. stay with msnbc for more on this decision. the b.e.t. awards opened
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with a surprise performance by none other than beyonce last night. she pulled out all the stops including splashing through an onstage pool while singing a song off her new album. and actor jesse williams received a standing ovation for his powerful speech on racism while accepting the humanitarian award. >> if you had a critique for the res cystance for all resistance then you better have established record for critique of our oppression. if you have no interest, if you have no interest in equal rights for black people, then do not make suggestions to those who do. sit down. >> so, which governor's wife is waitressing this summer to make ends meet? the answer is next. and look at this beautiful morning as the sun comes up over our nation's capital. you see the reds and oranges there, just gorgeous. 16 minutes past the hour. you're watching "first look." we're good. okay... what if a milliopeople download the new app? we're good. five million?
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using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. 19 past the hour. here's your "first look" at "scrambled politics" for your monday. britain's shocking decision to leave the eu brought more political turmoil this weekend. a petition to hold a second eu referendum now has reached over 3.5 million signatures. over the weekend, democrats approved a draft policy platform ahead of their convention next month. and bernie sanders' fingerprints are all over it, from endorsing steps to break up large wall street banks to advocating a $15 hourly wage sanders' influence is clear. in a statement, sanders said, quote, i'm glad that we have won some very important provisions in the platform drafting process
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so far. but much more needs to be done. meanwhile, the never trump movement aimed at ousting him at the republican national convention is planning a convention for a fight and they have hired staff. they'll soon open up a command center in cleveland and will roll out ads aimed at getting delegates to drop trump in key states over the next week. the wife of maine governor paul lepage has a new summer gig, waiting tables at a local restaurant. her goal? to buy a new suv. ann la page is working part time as a waitress three days a week at lunch time to save enough money to purchase her new car. the governor said she also took the job to supplement his $70,000 salary, which is the lowest of any u.s. governor. meanwhile, governor andrew cuomo of new york will ride alongside music icon billy joel in a statewide motorcycle ride today. it's an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer before governor cuomo signs legislation that expands access to screenings for the disease. his girlfriend a food network
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star and cancer survivor sandra lee will also join the ride. that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. raul reyes joins us in studio. he is an attorney and an nbcnews.come contributor. thanks for getting up early with us. >> good morning. >> so more people as we've just heard have been leaving the republican party. we're talking about conservative voice george will. hank paulson former freshsy secretary under george w. bush. could trump be in for a rude awakening at this convention? >> sure. the big question right now is you know the convention is weeks away. who is going to be there all of those nights? because you have people like mitt romney they say they're not going. none of the bush family is planning on attending. he's insulted some leading people who could be there like susana martinez, nikki haley, they won't be there. marco rubio, john kasich, so the list goes on and on. it leaves donald trump with a pretty shallow pool unless donald trump plans on being there himself center stage at the podium every night which could be a possibility. >> the never trump movement is setting up shop.
2:22 am
>> right. he has a real lack of surrogates. right now the only people i could think who would be there very enthusiastically would be say chris christie. maybe the governor of maine. and actually i believe marco rubio said he would speak but not necessarily endorsement but he would be willing to speak. so, he has a lot of space to fill. >> speaking of talking and talking a lot over the weekend trump appeared to be walking back on his stance on deportations, his ban on muslims. now us thfs an attempt to find some common ground within the party to keep people from hitting the exit doors? >> it looks like it might be his attempt to be walking things back. the key word here is he appears to be walking back some of his earlier statements. because when he said we're not going to do mass deportations. he said no mass deportations. which that has been a key part of his whole campaign platform. then he did said we're not going to do mass deportations but we are going to get rid of a lot of bad guys. they've got to go. so in a way it seems like a little, you know, semantics game here. with the potential ban of muslims what he said was not a
2:23 am
ban on muslims over this weekend he said we'll put a ban on people from muslim terrorist countries. >> right. >> which potentially could mean more people because that encompasses say every country from saudi arabia to pakistan, to indonesia, or even countries in europe. so when you -- >> -- find -- >> it could actually be more severe than his original statements. >> very quickly, hillary clinton is campaigning with senator elizabeth warren today. is this a way of testing the waters to see if maybe supporters would like to see her as a vp? >> sure. certainly that progressive base would love to see elizabeth warren. she's a bridge to the bernie sanders coalition. she's one of the most influential people in the democratic party right now. maybe it's an attempt to see what the personal chemistry is. they don't have a lot of personal history together. we shall see as the veepstakes move on. >> all right, raul, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> just ahead, a stunner at the olympic qualifiers as a favorite fails to make the cut. and the victims of the boston
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27 minutes past the hour. leading the news on boston bombing survivors visit the orlando massacre victims. the boston survivors said they received lots of support during recovery so they came to pay it forward this weekend at the orlando regional medical center. one survivor told nbc news tragedies like these circulate love. also on fire walk participants defend tony robins after dozens treated for burns. participants who attended the
2:28 am
motivational speaking event in dallas said the incident was overblown after 30 people were treated for walking on hot coals. a spokesman said trained medical staff were on hand and of over 7,000 participants five asked for further examination. a stunner at the olympic qualifiers ryan lochte failed to qualify for rio in the 400 meter individual medley, his signature event. he pulled a groin muscle during an earlier heat which affected his speed in the breaststroke. chase kalisz and jay litherland who were teammates at georgia both punched their rio tickets after finishing 1-2. simone biles won her fourth straight national gymnastics title. she finished ahead of ali raisman. gabby douglas finished fourth. chile beat argentina to win their second consecutive copa america title. and for the second straight year it came down to penalty kicks. francisco silva meted the final attempt securing the victory for the chileans.
2:29 am
the world's best player lionel messi missed on his try. and after the march the 29-year-old messi said that he is retiring from the argentinean national team. i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on msnbc. don't forget to like us on facebook. "way too early" starts right now. why was it appropriate for mr. trump to be promoting a golf course on the day of, frankly, what could be the most impactful decision that a country has made that impacts, you know, the -- the global community in a way that we've not fully krending yet, and he's promoting a golf course in the middle of his campaign. >> first of all, mr. trump is an international businessman. his success as an international businessman and a person who gets things done is one of the attractions of his candidacy. so that when he says he's going to bring real change to the country, voters believe him. unlike mrs. clinton, who's been saying that for 25 years, and in those 25 years, the only changes that have happened have made people's lives worse.
2:30 am
>> the trump campaign defending the candidate's reaction to the brexit as hillary clinton goes on the attack. we'll have her new ad. plus, the latest fallout from the uk this morning, the nation is divided, the government is in chaos, and markets around the world are anxious for what's to come. and more rain is on the way for west virginia. just as residents were getting a first look at the damage from that deadly flooding. we'll have the latest on the state of emergency there. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west and this is "way too early." good morning. it's monday, june 27th, i'm jonathan capehart. the fallout from the historic brexit vote still being held this morning as the political upheaval over britn'


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